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Presenting you with the One complete solution

Citron Hygiene is committed to Building Healthy Spaces by providing commercial businesses and public facilities with a wide range of innovative, eco-friendly products and services that are complementary to your existing cleaning and maintenance program.

Partnering with you to create a more hygienic RESTROOM Environment

Our products are serviced and maintained by Citron Certified Technicians on a schedule tailored to suit your needs. The comprehensive range of services offered ensures that your staff is able to devote more of their time to detailed cleaning and care, allowing you to uphold a safe and sanitary facility.

By creating a positive restroom experience for your customers and staff, you will ensure a more pleasing and comfortable workplace environment.

Promoting Wellness and Wellbeing

Citron Hygiene's hands-free products eliminate the need to touch sanitary disposal bins, flush handles or dispensers reducing the risk of cross-contamination and protecting against exposure to harmful germs, viruses and bacteria such as: Hepatitis, MRSA, E-Coli, Influenza, Staph, Strep and more.


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