Do Customers Really Care About Being Green?

We can spend all the time, energy and finances we want on making our business play nice with the environment, but if the people who buy what we’re selling don’t care, why waste our time? So… do they care?

Down with Greenhouse Gases: GSA Launches New Program

The GSA’s new pilot program helps small businesses track and reduce their greenhouse gases while encouraging government entities to “green” their supply chain. We’ve got the who, what, where, when, why and how of the program.

Ch-Ch-Changes: LEED Gets a Facelift

LEED 2012 will have changes for all rating systems, especially Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance users. We’re going to look at the big changes, why they’re happening and what this means for you.

As Simple as ABC: Going Green in Education

Did you know that a green school saves an average of $100,000 annually? We’ve got the facts to convince you and the tips to help you green your local school while saving money.