Happy Halloween!

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

On Saturday this week, all across the country people will be trick-or-treating in the dark of night, and as they go door to door through the neighborhoods the only scary thing they will have to look out for are the black cats, ghosts and witches ……. or so they think!

Buying the perfect costume isn’t the only thing you will be trying on. Did you know that 72% of shopping carts may be carrying more than your Halloween goodies…you may find fecal bacteria and E.coli lurking too!

imagesTransmitting germs during Halloween is pretty high as Donna DuBerg, of St. Louis University, found in studies that showed masks harbor bacteria which can lead to infections like pink eye, conjunctivas and staph. While Dr. Stan Kikkert, who runs the Biotechnology program at Mesa Community College in Arizona, confirmed in his investigation that mold and fungi were often present on Halloween masks and this is definitely something you don’t want to be breathing in!

Don’t fret- we’ve put together a list for you to ensure you have a safe and hygienic Halloween!


  • Make sure to wash masks and costumes before wearing them.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you when you walk the neighborhood and when you are at the store deciding on a costume or buying candy.
  • Make sure to only eat candy with wrappers.
  • Avoid touching the railings on peoples’ porches and at the stores
  • Be sure to wash your hands after you return home for the night.
  • Wear gloves when possible.
  • Brush your teeth after eating and keep up on oral hygiene!
  • Sanitize your doorbell and door handles before and after Halloween night to reduce germ spread.



And remember……It’s never too early to get your flu shot!

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