A Focus on Feminine Hygiene for Women’s Equality Day

Today, August 26, 2016, is Women’s Equality Day.   This national holiday commemorates the certification of the 19th amendment in 1920, which gave women the right to vote. Presently, it continues to bring attention to gender equality efforts, and organizations and activities supporting women’s rights.


In the United States, there are 9.4 million firms owned by women, with 57% of the female population participating in the workforce. One of these companies is Workplace Essentials, which boasts an employee population that is 75% female. Workplace Essentials specializes in providing feminine and restroom hygiene services to businesses in both private and public sectors of commerce.   As a woman business owner, Workplace Essentials’ President, Linda Pace, feels that women’s restroom requirements, such as sanitary vending and sanitary disposal services, should be regarded as essential as keeping toilet paper in stock. “We carefully tailor our services to the needs of our clients so that businesses can easily take care of the wellbeing of their female staff and customers by promoting safe and hygienic restrooms for all.”


When a woman has an unexpected emergency, the sanitary vending machine is a fast, easy solution for her to access right in the bathroom, 24/7. This convenient service eliminates the “embarrassing situations” that can arise when asking around to borrow a spare pad or tampon from a coworker or having to make a trip to the store to buy the much-needed product.

Sanitary Disposal Unit

When these items are ready to be thrown away, the method of disposal matters more than people realize. Wall-mounted bins can quickly become too full and unsanitary to touch, putting the cleaning crew, and female users at risk of contracting bloodborne pathogens.   When that occurs, the used pads and tampons are often flushed down the toilet, where they can clog pipes. This causes a headache for facility management and is very costly to fix. Workplace Essentials’ sanitary disposal service is the most hygienic option due to the unit’s unique design and accompanying EcoCard. It is touch-free with an infrared or foot pedal operation, and has a masking tray lid that isolates the contents. The EcoCard inside is made with natural biocides, which neutralize the waste and eliminate odor. Workplace Essentials provides regularly scheduled services to replace the sanitary disposal units with freshly recharged ones that have been cleaned and sterilized. Sanity vending machines are checked during these service calls to ensure that they are working properly and restocked.

All businesses should acknowledge that feminine hygiene is not an option, and that adequate accommodations need to be in place for all women.

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