How to Maintain Fresh Scents in Large Spaces

Odor issues do not just occur in the restroom, they can crop up anywhere in a building. While consistent cleanings will help to reduce some unpleasant smells and maintain a neat appearance, they may not completely solve this problem. Having members of your cleaning staff manually spritz air fresheners throughout the day will not resolve this either, especially in large spaces. The Citron Hygiene Ultraire is made to eliminate offensive odors in places that are too vast for the average air freshener.

We understand the importance of providing great indoor air quality to customers and employees. Our product has no chemical propellants and is low-VOC, which makes it environmentally friendly and CARB compliant.  Ultraire utilizes ultrasonic rapid vibration Piezo technology to create an ultra-fine mist of fragrance molecules that remains airborne for up to two hours. The Ultraire can accommodate rooms that are as large as 20,000 cubic feet.

Many businesses with large spaces can benefit from this quiet, highly efficient air-freshening service.  Unlike standard air fresheners, Ultraire prevents “fragrance fatigue” with its eight-week rotation of six different and unique fragrances. Citron Hygiene provides regular service to maintain the unit, so it will free up your cleaning staff extra to work on other, more important tasks at hand.

By adding an Ultraire service you will have the ideal solution for your business!

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