The Sanitary Vending Machine – It Matters!

Approximately 1/4 of the world population is women who are of reproductive age and menstruating. Recently, they have experienced an inconvenient trend of sanitary vending machines often that are empty, in disrepair, or simply missing. A survey found that 86% American women ages 18-54 have found themselves unprepared for their menstrual cycles beginning while they were away from home, such as at work or in public places. In situations like these, sanitary vending machines are relied upon, so businesses need to recognize that feminine emergencies are a common problem for their female employees and customers, and that the best way to help them is to provide this valuable resource.

Half of individuals who have a negative experience in the restroom are likely to warn their family and friends about it. A sanitary vending machine failing to provide a pad or tampon at a crucial time falls into that category. In a survey, half of women who have been in this situation say they felt embarrassed and frustrated. This increases the chances of female customers not returning, warning others about your business, and leaving before they make any purchases so they can get the feminine hygiene items they need instead. This is a significant problem that can negatively affect a woman’s day. A women’s health organization surveyed 90,000 women from 190 countries and found that 17% of them have missed school, work, or an event because of menstruation.

Problems commonly associated with these machines include:

• Expensive to purchase
• Break easily and often need repairs
• Replacement parts are costly and hard to find
• Theft and vandalism

Business owners and managers should be particular about which sanitary vending machines they purchase:

• Selecting tamper-proof models greatly decreases the risks of vandalism and theft, which also reduce the chances of repairs and new parts being needed.
• Two-column machines that offer pads and tampons will give users choices.
• The ability to reject incorrect coins will best serve the women in your business and limit user issues.
• Machines that are available in different sizes can accommodate any size restroom or amount of traffic.
• Most importantly, regularly scheduled service will ensure these units are always well stocked and disrepair is prevented.

Quality sanitary vending machines are a great necessity! Helping the women who are valuable to your business is beneficial to them and can have a positive impact on your enterprise. Take action today and support your female clients and employees!

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