Create Green, Clean Air for Your Customers

Despite having top-quality products and services, patrons may not return to your establishment if there is an odor issue. A neat and tidy appearance does not always mean the air will smell fresh, especially in restrooms. Everyone is susceptible to catching an unpleasant scent, so no matter how large or small, all restrooms need an air care program.

 Identifying Odor Problems

According to Pamela Dalton, a cognitive psychologist, people often stop noticing the smells of the places they frequent, such as their homes and workplaces. When an individual experiences a new fragrance in a familiar place, such as work, the first few inhalations of it are the most intense. Afterwards, Daltons says “the receptors in your nose sort of switch off.”  Once your brain has decided the smell is not a threat, it feels no need to continue noticing it. When this “fragrance fatigue” sets in, cleaning staff may not realize the building has an odor problem.

Customer Perception

Customers are much less likely to experience this phenomenon. Even if they have visited your establishment before, it will not be familiar enough to them for this “switching off” to occur. If there is an odor issue, they will notice it right away and may never return. A survey found that 2 out of 3 people say they avoid places with unpleasant smells and 71% of consumers say they perceive odor as a sign of improper cleaning. The sense of smell is a powerful one, so much that individuals remember smells for twice as long as they remember what they saw or heard.

The Solution

Implementing a preventative measure is smart way to avoid this situation. The Citron HygieneTM EcoAireTM air freshening system is a great option for any restroom, especially those that strive to be environmentally friendly.

  • No VOCs
  • No batteries
  • All refills are recycled and reused
  • All natural and recyclable components

Installing an effective air-freshening system is not just good for business and the environment; it is also a healthy choice for your customers and employees. Indoor air quality is important for everyone, especially those who spend the most time in your establishment. When the IAQ is poor, it can cause headaches, dizziness, irritated throat and eyes, fatigue, and worsen symptoms caused by preexisting conditions like asthma or allergies.    

Once installed, the EcoAireTM is serviced on a regular schedule to ensure that customers and employees always have a fresh, clean, and welcoming restroom to use.

It’s the greenest way to clean the air!

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