Saving Water is Simple

Business owners and managers need to keep their customers and employees happy, and be mindful of utility costs. Conveniently, implementing sustainable practices allows both of these matters to be addressed. According to a Nielsen global study, approximately 3 out of 4 consumers say they would pay extra to shop from a green establishment. One simple way to become more eco-friendly can happen right in the restrooms with automatic faucets. These fixtures decrease water and energy usage, while increasing user satisfaction and hygiene.


Water Usage

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “domestic and restroom” purposes comprise at least one third of the water usage in most major types of facilities. A touch-free, automatic faucet can decrease these numbers, as it uses 70% less water than a typical manual model. The domestic/restroom water usage percentages for five major types of facilities are listed below:

  • Office buildings: 37%
  • Hospitals: 35%
  • Hotels: 30%
  • Restaurants: 31%
  • Educational facilities: 45%

Cut Back on Energy

If auto faucets run on batteries and utilize thermostatic mixing valves, they may help to lower energy costs too. As shown below, a fair amount of energy goes into heating water.  As it saves energy too, automatic faucets can also help facilities earn LEED certification. The percentages of energy used to heat water in three major types of facilities are listed below:

  • Offices: 5-12%
  • Hospitals: 21-32%
  • Schools: 18-36%


Prevent Cross-Contamination

Users waste water in their attempts to avoid cross-contamination, as they do not want to touch the faucet handles with their clean hands. Most individuals grab a paper towel to act as a barrier, but leaving the water running during this time wastes approximately two gallons per minute. The automatic, touch-free feature eliminates this problem, as the infrared sensor turns the faucet on and off as needed. This encourages thorough hand washing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. People are wise to protect their hands from these knobs, as one study found sinks to harbor over 50,000 colony-forming units.


Increased Productivity

Businesses can save money on water and energy costs with automatic faucets, but they can also save on productivity too. Each year $40 billion in the U.S. and $6 billion in Canada are lost in productivity due to the common cold. As hands spread 80% of communicable diseases and a study of restroom users found that 95% of them did not wash their hands correctly, better amenities could help businesses to lower their number of employee absences.

If your restrooms could use an update, consider starting with the sinks. Our auto faucets are simple to install and are maintained by our regularly scheduled service!

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