Keeping Commercial Kitchens Healthy

August 25, 2017

Everyone who goes out for a meal expects it to be served with clean dishes, glasses, and utensils. While these certainly help food and drinks to look more appetizing, spotless tableware also means the chances of customers contracting foodborne illnesses are lower. Food, especially dairy products, can be difficult to remove from plates and utensils. Even worse, this stuck-on matter can hold in germs and shield them from cleaning products…


Keep Pests Out of College

August 18, 2017

Preventing pest infestations is an effective way for colleges and universities to take care of their students, staff, and facilities. The large numbers of people in and out of buildings, roaming between classes, and living on campus make these institutions hotspots for pests. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these nuisances are most likely to be found in the following areas: Dorm rooms Classrooms Common areas, such as student…


Paper Towels: More Than Just a Restroom Fixture

August 3, 2017

Paper towels were initially invented in 1907 to cut down the spread of colds and other diseases. The shared hand-drying cloths in public bathrooms were suspected of making users sick.   Since then, they have become typical restroom fixtures; however, paper towels are good for more than just drying hands in the restroom. They are a convenient product to have in other places that may need a quick wipe to clean…