Improve Your Building with Floor Mats

October 27, 2017

Buildings need floor mats in several different locations in order to maintain a safe environment. Falls are the second most common workplace accident and can be caused by many factors such as cluttered walkways, wet or uneven surfaces, distractions, and poor housekeeping practices. Floor mats at entrances and other problem areas can reduce the risk of these mishaps and keep employees and customers within your building safer. Consequences of Slip-and-Fall…


Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Medical Offices

October 20, 2017

It is passed the halfway point for October, which means chillier weather, and of course, the upcoming cold and flu season. During the fall and winter seasons, doctors’ offices can see 3-4 times more people than usual, so germs spread quickly and easily. Maintaining sanitary conditions in waiting rooms for medical, dental, and outpatient offices is necessary to keep healthy patients and staff from becoming ill. The Waiting Room Walking…


When Sick Employees Come to Work

October 6, 2017

People go to work when they are sick all too often. Powering through the cold or illness that is plaguing the office instead of staying home to recuperate has become a normal part of life in today’s world. While companies can do their best to advise employees to stay home when they are under the weather, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide what to do. Another way…


Turning Waste into Clean Energy

October 2, 2017

One of the ways we honor our commitment to the environment is by sending the majority of waste from our sanitary disposal units to Covanta, an energy-from-waste facility that safely incinerates and converts municipal solid waste into energy and removes metals for recycling. This allows us to safely dispose waste and keep it out of landfills. What is it? Covanta defines energy-from-waste (EfW) as a process that “takes non-hazardous waste…