An Easy and Efficient Restroom Upgrade

Installing automatic hand dryers in business restrooms can reduce paper towel waste, improve restroom appearance, and lower the cleaning time. Users also appreciate the hands-free operation, as it eliminates cross-contamination and reduces the spread of germs.


Busting the Myth

Before digging into the benefits of automatic hand dryers, there is a rumor that needs to be straightened out. There are many who believe that air hand dryers blow germs around the restroom and back onto hands, leaving them more contaminated than before they were washed.

The truth is…Dyson air hand dryers, for example, contain HEPA filters to ensure that clean air is blown onto hands. These air filters eliminate the theory that germs in the air are sucked into the machine and then blown out onto users.

Drying Hands

It is also important to completely dry hands after washing them. Wet hands are 1,000 times more likely to spread germs than dry ones, so choosing quality air hand dryers for your facility is very important.



Users can dry hands quicker and more efficiently with Dyson automatic air dryers, as most units take just 12 to 20 seconds to completely dry hands. Individuals will also appreciate the automatic, no-touch aspect of air hand dryers, as demand has been increasing for touch-free hygienic products in restrooms. Eliminating contact reduces cross-contamination and prevents germs from spreading.

The Benefits

Automatic air hand dryers benefit your facility, customers, and employees. They can reduce the amount of waste and cut down on restroom-related expenses. Operating an air hand dryer can cost as low as about one tenth of what it costs to maintain a paper towel dispenser. Dyson hand dryers are low-energy and can use approximately 80% less than older, conventional units.


Automatic air hand dryers are a great way to reduce costs and waste, maintain good hygiene practices among customers and staff, and still provide excellent restrooms for everyone.

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