Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Sports and Music Arenas


Arenas attract thousands of individuals of all ages for major league sports games, musical acts, and other entertainers. Not only do fans expect to have a great time, they also expect to have their needs accommodated. Besides food, drinks, and parking, attendees also want easy access to clean, modern restrooms.

EcoClean and Auto Flush

Take Care of Toilets

During intermissions, restrooms are bombarded with guests rushing to fit their bathroom breaks in; however, several clogged toilets will make this trip much longer and frustrating for everyone. Installing automatic flush and sanitizer dispensing systems will ensure that toilets are always flushed after each use, pipes are kept clear, and odor-causing bacteria are eliminated. Providing sanitary disposal units for feminine hygiene products will also decrease the risk of clogs forming. When women have no disposal options or the wall-mounted bins appear too filthy or full, they will flush these products.

Maintain Clean, Dry Floors

Toilet and urinal mats are designed to absorb urine splatters and keep floors from becoming wet, damaged by uric acid, or from becoming sources of nasty scents. These messes are inevitable for men using flush and waterless urinals due to the distance between them and the fixtures. For further prevention, placing urinal screens over drains will keep splatter from ending up on floors, the surrounding area, and users themselves, and help keep drains from becoming blocked too.

Women who squat to avoid sitting on the toilet when seat covers are not available contribute to this problem too. Hovering over the seat is a common practice, as a survey found that 89% of its female participants preferred it to sitting directly on the seat.


Automatic Hygiene

There are many shared surfaces in arenas, like handrails, armrests, and door handles, and with so many people in one place, it is easy for germs to spread. Touch-free products, like automatic soap dispensers, faucets, and jet air dryers reduce cross-contamination. Many communicable diseases can live on hard surfaces for several hours, and as a survey found, 61% of people would use whatever they can to avoid touching restroom surfaces. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers mounted throughout the facility also serve as great reminders for everyone to clean their hands as they head back to their seats or before they eat.



Baby-changing tables and diaper disposal units are sought after amenities when families are away from home. A survey found that 75% of parents make the effort to visit family-friendly businesses with changing facilities over those that do not provide them. The table makes changing diapers comfortable and safe for parents and children. The disposal unit keeps diapers separated from regular trash, which means odor is isolated and cross-contamination is avoided with foot-pedal operation.

Because people of all ages and families visit arenas, they need to be prepared for everyone. Accommodating for their patrons will not only result in happy customers, but also help to maintain the restrooms.

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