Why Good Restrooms Mean Good Business

People have strong feelings about restrooms. On average, they take trips 6-8 times per day, which makes it easy for them to become all too familiar with the best and worst qualities of their usual bathrooms, especially when the ones at work or in businesses they visit regularly. Restrooms account for about 5% of building square footage and 50% of the complaints. Despite it being such a physically small portion of businesses, it makes a big impact.


Happy Employees are Productive

A survey found that 89% of workers believe the conditions of restrooms reflect how much a company values them. Clean, fresh restrooms with up-to-date fixtures will help them to feel appreciated, whereas poor conditions will imply that organizations do not care about the comfort of their people. Feeling under-appreciated is a common reason for lost motivation and productivity. As many connect restroom quality to being valued, improving these facilities can increase morale. Employee productivity can go up by 12-20% when positive changes are made, so restrooms are actually significant investment.


Customers Will Come Back

A survey found that 60% of individuals factor in the cleanliness of restrooms when deciding where to shop or eat. Many also said they have left an establishment without making their intended purchases because of unsanitary restrooms. However, despite how important these facilities are to customer retention, conditions have only declined. Over the last three years, customer satisfaction with restrooms has gone down 11%. The most common complaints (cited by 80-93% of survey respondents) include floors that are sticky or covered in paper waste, empty or jammed dispensers, and odor.

EcoClean and Auto Flush

Air and Fixture Care

Conveniently, there are improvements that can manage these problems without putting a strain on cleaning staff. As 80% of restroom odor comes from unflushed fixtures, installing automatic flush systems on toilets and urinals will control odor and prevent unsightly appearances. Including an automatic cleaning solution on these fixtures too will further prevent odor and reduce the chances of clogs by treating organic buildup and odor-causing bacteria. Air fresheners will remove any remaining unpleasant smells and contribute to user satisfaction, as 81% of people associate a clean smell with a well-maintained bathroom.


Gojo Cxi Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free is Ideal

Upgrading manual appliances, like soap dispensers, faucets, and hand dryers or paper towel dispensers, can also increase satisfaction. Most people do whatever they can to avoid touching surfaces in the restroom and 90% have said they prefer a touch-free experience. Eliminating touch also reduces cross-contamination and the spread of germs, and helps to cut down on waste. Not only will this give users peace of mind, it will also help to maintain a neater appearance, as less waste will end up on the floor or in overflowing trash bins.

While restrooms may be one of the smallest parts of a business, they have an impressive influence on the happiness of employees and whether or not customers will return. Call Citron Hygiene today and see what we can do for your business!

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