How to Choose Between Fragrances and Fragrance-Free

When facilities choose a fragrance-free option to prevent odor, they are selecting an option that is just as effective as one with fragrance. What matters is that the air care system is one that neutralizes odor instead of simply providing a mask to cover it up. Every building and its occupants are different, so some will require a fragrance-free solution while others will fair better with scents. In the end, eliminating unpleasant smells and keeping everyone inside happy is what counts.

Why Choose Air Neutralizers?

Products that neutralize odors actually treat odor at the source and eliminate it, unlike air fresheners, which simply mask odor but do not treat the source(s) of it. Neutralizers have an acid-base chemical reaction with the odor, allowing them to actually eliminate it. By removing an unsavory smell from their businesses, owners and managers are ensuring that their employees and customers have fresh environments and restrooms. Replacing an unpleasant smell with a more enjoyable one or just skipping the scent completely are both beneficial to businesses. Staff and guests will develop positive associations with the places they visit when they experience plain, clean air or an enjoyable scent.


The Science of Smell

Research says that smells are immediately noticed and liked or disliked. According to Pamela Dalton, a clinical psychologist, the first few breaths a person takes when encountering a new smell are the most intense, then his/her brain determines whether or not a scent is “threatening or non-threatening,” and receptors in the nose are then shut off. The part of the brain that perceives smells is closely linked to the parts that process emotion and control associative learning. This means smells can quickly become associated with places and events, and elicit emotional responses.


Accommodations to Consider

However, there are people who have sensitivities to fragrances and instead of the intensity quickly settling down, it only becomes stronger, even if concentration has not changed. They even experience symptoms similar to seasonal allergies, like watery eyes and sneezing, and others such as headaches and nausea. About 19% of Americans and 15% of Canadians say they have sensitivities to fragrances. When businesses have employees or customers complaining about fragrance being too strong, but also have the need to prevent odor issues, they may feel stuck.


With fragrance-free policies popping up in workplaces, fragrance-free air neutralizers are worth looking into, as the right model is likely to comply. There are units available that are low in VOCs and aerosols, or VOC-free and non-aerosol. Freshening the air in your business and restroom does not have to mean filling it with fragrance. There are fragrance-free options available that are equally effective and satisfying.


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