Prepare Your Facilities for 2017

December 29, 2016

A survey of facility managers across the United States deemed routine upkeep as one of the top twelve methods to reduce expenses. Maximizing the life of equipment with regular checkups, cleanings, and repairs will prevent earlier than expected replacements. As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 begins, it is common to look back on the past year to see if one’s 2016 resolutions were achieved and to plan for…


Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Supermarkets

December 22, 2016

People visit their local supermarkets weekly and sometimes even more frequently. Unfortunately, grocery stores can be havens for all kinds of bacteria, so protecting staff and customers and providing safe, healthy food should be a manager’s top priority. There are precautions that can be taken in order to avoid germs and foodborne illnesses. While shopping, consumers will likely come into contact with these commonly contaminated hot-spots: Shopping cart handles Basket…


Reduce Energy Bills in the Restroom

December 16, 2016

Sick days and spreading germs are not the only problems that winter brings along. Energy expenses for office buildings, schools, and hospitals can become quite costly. This necessity cannot be eliminated; however, replacing a few appliances with energy-efficient models can help to decrease overall energy usage and counteract heating costs. Listed below are the lowest and highest amounts of energy that each type of institution devotes to heating their buildings…


Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Retail

December 9, 2016

December is here and it has brought on the most stressful shopping season of year. Shoppers are visiting multiple stores in hopes of finding that special gift and your employees have triple the work to do. During their brief moment of privacy – the bathroom break – none of them want to sit on the toilet seat only to realize it is wet, or encounter an empty soap dispenser when they…


Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Restaurants

November 18, 2016

People love to treat themselves to a dinner at their favorite restaurant or to take the time to catch up with an old friend over lunch at a café. While everyone has different tastes in food, they can all agree that food poisoning is the worst consequence of having a meal out. In the United States, approximately 48 million individuals get some form of food poisoning each year and 2-3%…


Diseases 101: Influenza (The Flu)

November 11, 2016

Influenza, or the flu as it is commonly referred to, makes its annual round as we transition from fall into winter and infects approximately 5-20% of the US population each year. The 2016-2017 season is in its early stages, which makes now a great time to prepare in order to stay healthy this season. What Is It? The flu is a viral respiratory infection that affects the nose, throat, passageways,…


Hygiene Tips for Your Community: Public Buildings

November 4, 2016

Federal buildings that are accessible to the public, such as courthouses, libraries, post offices, town halls, and places of public transactions have a large demographic to serve.  As all town residents will visit these places from time to time, managers need to ensure that every aspect of their facilities accommodate everyone. The health departments in each state have their own rules regarding restrooms; however, the list below is a general…


Public Bathroom Nightmares

October 28, 2016

Many people can say they have had at least one unfortunate experience in a public restroom. Busy bathrooms in high-traffic areas receive their fair share of abuse and frequent cleaning up is not always an option for businesses. Many users and long periods without cleanup can result in some nasty conditions. Check out four restroom horror stories from our employees. You’ll laugh, cringe, and maybe even want to leave a…


What to Know for International Infection Prevention Week

October 21, 2016

International Infection Prevention Week is the third week of October each year, and this year’s theme is “Breaking the Chain of Infection.” President Ronald Reagan established this time of awareness in 1986, and every year since has dedicated a week in October to infectious disease prevention. Other countries including the United Kingdom, Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia also participate. Pathogens can be spread anywhere at anytime, but International Infection…


Understanding Common Restroom Behaviors

October 7, 2016

Today, people are very open about their bathroom habits. They are comfortable saying they use their feet to flush toilets or lay a wreath of toilet paper on the seat before using it. On average, individuals spend 30 minutes in the bathroom each day; however, one out of four tend to take at least an hour or a little more. Now that society has made its public habits known, facilities…