4 Natural Resources that Businesses are Wasting

May 25, 2017

People use natural resources to live, work, and operate their homes and businesses. However, the growing world population has made decreasing our impact necessary.   Currently, these natural reserves are being used at a high rate of 160%. The good news is that by reducing the use of one, others can also be conserved, and it is more cost-efficient to be green! Check out four assets that businesses need to start…


5 Chemicals Businesses Should Avoid

March 17, 2017

Being an environmentally friendly business means more than just recycling and reusing materials. It also means that the substances used in products and services must be considered and the exposure to harmful chemicals should be minimized to protect customers and employees. At Workplace Essentials, there are several chemicals we never use in our products. Here are five chemicals we avoid: Cocamide DEA/MEA Found In: Often used as an emulsifier in…


Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Children’s Play Centers

March 15, 2017

Indoor play centers are a child’s dream. They see ball pits, great heights to climb, and fun slides, but while kids are having fun, germs are lurking around. It is crucial for parents to know that these indoor playgrounds are clean and safe, as they may not return if their children become sick after a visit. To reduce cross-contamination and provide a safe environment for all customers, facility managers and…


Invest in Employee Health and Wellness

February 17, 2017

What would you do if you could save your business a lot of money later by spending a little extra now? Many companies have done just that by investing in the health of their staff through employee wellness programs. The main goal of these programs is to address the mental, physical, and social needs in the workplace in order to keep workers healthier for longer periods of time. While there…


10 Items That Have More Germs Than a Toilet Seat

February 3, 2017

Most people try their best not to touch anything when they use a public restroom, especially the toilet seat. While it has a germy reputation, it is not the only contaminated area in workplaces, schools, or public places. Studies have found that school toilet seats have an average of 3,200 colony-forming units (CFUs), office toilets 49 CFUs per square inch, and some public toilets have counts as low as 8…


Hygiene Tips for Your Community: Public Buildings

November 4, 2016

Federal buildings that are accessible to the public, such as courthouses, libraries, post offices, town halls, and places of public transactions have a large demographic to serve.  As all town residents will visit these places from time to time, managers need to ensure that every aspect of their facilities accommodate everyone. The health departments in each state have their own rules regarding restrooms; however, the list below is a general…


Gilbert the Germ on World Toilet Day!

November 19, 2014

1/3 of the world population don’t have access to a safe, clean bathroom. And 1.1 billion people around the world have no toilet in their home and are resorting to open defecation. This leads to the spreading of diarrheal diseases, the second most common cause of death in developing countries. Unfortunately, that’s one death every twenty seconds. Roughly, 2,000 mothers lose a child per day due to lack of clean…


November is National Caregivers Month

November 11, 2014

We appreciate all that caregivers do to help seniors, especially in keeping them safe and healthy while in a rehabilitation facility or nursing home. To reduce the spread of infection, prevention is key and actively keeping good hygiene a top priority is an important part of an aid’s job. Caring for the Elderly Health risks increase with age and caregivers are conscious that even the smallest cut on a senior’s skin can be the perfect…


In the News: Kids learn the importance of hand hygiene

November 7, 2014

Wash, wash, wash your hands, thumbs and fingers too! Rub a dub, rub a dub, that’s the thing to do! Kids could be heard singing through the halls at Eugene Field Preschool this week. Nursing students from the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri were on hand to teach the kids the importance of hand hygiene. As part of their Sharing Health Hand by Hand program, the students…


Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2014

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble! On Saturday this week, all across the country people will be trick-or-treating in the dark of night, and as they go door to door through the neighborhoods the only scary thing they will have to look out for are the black cats, ghosts and witches ……. or so they think! Buying the perfect costume isn’t the only thing you will…