3 Key Factors to Consider for Warewashing Machines

March 6, 2018

Kitchen staff work tirelessly to ensure that there are always clean dishes, utensils, and glasses available. Without these, the dinner rush would be impossible. One way that restaurant managers and owners, and anyone else who oversees a foodservice operation, can ensure that this vital aspect of the business is always being performed efficiently is by having a good warewashing machine in place. When selecting one, there are a few major…


An Easy and Efficient Restroom Upgrade

November 17, 2017

Installing automatic hand dryers in business restrooms can reduce paper towel waste, improve restroom appearance, and lower the cleaning time. Users also appreciate the hands-free operation, as it eliminates cross-contamination and reduces the spread of germs.   Busting the Myth Before digging into the benefits of automatic hand dryers, there is a rumor that needs to be straightened out. There are many who believe that air hand dryers blow germs…


What to Know About Integrated Pest Management

November 2, 2017

What it is… Instead of routinely applying pesticides to keep vermin away, integrated pest management (IPM) focuses on preventing problems before they start, and only using pesticides when they are absolutely necessary. IPM works by monitoring a location (residential, multi-residential, or commercial) and making it into an environment that is less accessible and desirable to pests. It encompasses a variety of methods to create a plan that will suit any…


Turning Waste into Clean Energy

October 2, 2017

One of the ways we honor our commitment to the environment is by sending the majority of waste from our sanitary disposal units to Covanta, an energy-from-waste facility that safely incinerates and converts municipal solid waste into energy and removes metals for recycling. This allows us to safely dispose waste and keep it out of landfills. What is it? Covanta defines energy-from-waste (EfW) as a process that “takes non-hazardous waste…