EcoAire Service

Sometimes fragrances are not an option for those with allergies and heightened senses. These situations require an odor-eliminating solution that is effective yet harmless.

Workplace Essentials' EcoAire Service neutralizes odors leaving the environment fresh, clean and fragrance-free.

Multiple Neutralizer Delivery Options
EcoAire Mist delivers an effective dose of odor neutralizer at preset intervals around the clock
EcoAire Essence uses a microfiber wick to dispense the odor-eliminating neutralizer 24/7
Effective and Reliable Performance
Neutralizes odors quietly and unobtrusively
Dispensers' concealed tamper-proof lock protects against vandalism
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Formula is low VOC compliant with federal
and state environmental regulations
Made exclusively with ingredients listed
as "safer chemicals" with the EPA's DfE
(Design for the Environment) program
All batteries used are recycled
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Our trained service technicians maintain dispensers to ensure optimum performance
Regular, pre-set service schedule
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...protecting yourself by getting low-VOC and DfE compliant air fresheners... will be
protecting those around you – customers, family, friends, children and adults alike...
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Low VOCLow VOCbatteries recycled