Sanitary Disposal Service

It’s no secret that ladies restrooms tend to be a hot-spot for germs and cross-contamination. Often overlooked, the use of common sanitary waste bins can actually increase the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and C.

Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Service provides your female employees, customers and facility maintenance staff with a safer alternative.

Reduces Risk of Cross-Contamination
Enclosed unit protects by preventing exposure to bloodborne pathogens
Concealed masking tray shields contents
from the user
Convenient and Innovative Design
Hands-free pedal or automatic no-touch units are designed to reduce contact
Conveniently placed next to toilet and below seat height for easy access
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Alleviates flushed products which cause drain blockages and pollute the environment
Eliminates the daily use of plastic or paper liners
Units are recycled for reuse
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Our trained technicians replace used units with recharged and sanitized ones
Regular, scheduled service customized to suit your needs
sanitary disposal gray
sanitary disposal mono-lid
sanitary disposal pedal operated
sanitary disposal mono-lid
sanitary disposal infrared
sanitary disposal in the restroom
EcoCard Waste Neutralizer

Naturally neutralizes sanitary waste

EcoCard is a highly effective sanitary waste neutralizer derived from a synergist blend of plant extracts
and essential oils.

Antimicrobial, Fresh and Long Lasting
Made with natural biocidal compounds with long-lasting vapor release technology
Odors are eliminated even when unit is used to its maximum capacity
Addresses the Green Initiative green
A biodegradable product, made from 100% recycled material
Reduces toxins in the workplace as no hazardous chemicals are used

...There are many common misconceptions about the proper way to dispose
of feminine sanitary waste....
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ADA CompliantNo-Touch, hands-freerecycled for reuse