EcoScreen Service

The only thing more offensive than odor in a men’s restroom is the presence of a blocked urinal. One way of preventing this and any unsightly backsplash with use, is to install protective urinal screens.

Citron Hygiene's EcoScreen Service safeguards your urinal and drain, and is the greener alternative to unattractive plastic drain covers and urinal blocks.

Protects Users and Facility
Prevents backsplash, shielding clothing and surrounding surfaces from urine stains
Eliminates overflow and water damage by stopping debris from blocking the urinal drain
Convenient and Effective
Releases optimized bacteria to eliminate
odor-causing uric acid
Ideal for conventional and waterless urinals
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Made with recycled materials
Emits a low VOC compliant scent
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Regular, pre-set service schedule
Our trained technicians remove, replace and safely dispose of your used screens

EcoScreen Dome also available
for waterless urinals

...a drain without some sort of screening agent clogs up on a more frequent basis and, if left untreated, can mean a huge chunk of change being shelled out to replace damaged pipes...
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